September 14, 2015


  q1_cWhy Choose YEBAFY?

  • Audit and Recovery is our core business.
  • We are not affiliated or work with any Third Party Supplier or Retailer.
  • We are not affiliated with any utility or government agency.
  • Our auditors are Ex Utility Employees with decades of work experience.

q2_cDo you audit other types of Energy Bills?

Yes. We also review Natural Gas, Propane, and bills for other heating oils (only Electricity bills for Ontario).

q3_cWill I have to switch energy providers?

No. You will not be asked to switch electricity suppliers or invest in energy savings programs; this is strictly an audit to see if we can get   money back for you.

q4_cDo I have to invest in Energy savings programs or replace equipment?

No. This is strictly an audit of your bills.

q5_cAnother firm already takes care of my energy, should I have my bills audited?

Yes! We are finding energy managers and other auditors are missing some of the savings that we are able to obtain for our customers.

q6_cHow quickly will someone get back to me after the initial audit?

It can take a few days for us to perform a thorough audit of your billing history.

q7_cHow Long Does It Take To Obtain My Refund?

The amount of time it takes to obtain your refund varies in each State and Province, however on average it takes between 4 – 6 weeks.

q8_cDoes the contingency fee impact my future savings?

No. The contingency fee is only paid on the refund that Your Electric Bill obtains for you. You enjoy 100% of any future savings that are achieved as a result of the audit.