September 14, 2015



Mike Traub – Vice President of Resident Communities; Riverstone Retirement Communities

“When we heard about ‘Your Electric Bill Analyzed For You’ (YEBAFY), from another CPS member, we were skeptical but interested enough to investigate further. After speaking with Brian McCann, owner of YEBAFY, it seemed there was no risk to us in having our electrical bill audited by them. If no savings are realized there is no fee. Brian and his team conducted their audit promptly upon our approval and found significant opportunities for savings and rebates. Not only did we receive over $80,000 by way of credit /refund, we will continue to realize savings going forward. We did not pay any contingency fees to Brian until we had our refund in hand and his fee applied only to the refund we received, not to the go forward savings. In addition, as a result of Brain McCann’s audit, RRC learned they were the victim of fraudulent activity at the hands of a 3rd party electricity provider. The information Brian provided us with will be extremely valuable as our lawyers pursue our claim.”

“Brian McCann is very knowledgeable, patient and ethical. Riverstone Retirement Communities had a positive experience working with Brian McCann and realized significant savings as a result of his audit. We are glad we chose to work with YEBAFY and highly recommend their services to other CPS members.”


Lisa Forbes, General Manager; Heritage House

“I heard about Your Electric Bill Analyzed for You from my CPS Account Manager Sonia James. What initially attracted me to this service was the fact that they did not ask for a cash outlay and therefore it posed very little risk. It was also easy to get started, all we needed to do was sign the consent form and forward our bills.

Once the paperwork was taken care of we were pleased at how open they were in communicating their progress. Initially, the Ontario Energy Board would only credit us for 2 years, but Your Electric Bill challenged them on our behalf and was successful in obtaining a credit for all three! The total of our return is $16,000 and while don’t have any concrete plans for the money yet, there are a lot of things on our wish list and its exciting to be able to choose what we would like to.

My message to other CPS members is to absolutely take advantage of this service…nothing ventured nothing gained. Your hydro bills are not designed to be easily understood and as busy operators we just don’t have time to investigate every mnth. Your Electric Bill Analyzed for You just makes this entire process effortless.”


Dave Bromley, Environmental Services Supervisor; Bonnechere Manor – Country of Renfrew

“My CPS Account Manager approached me about “Your Electric Bill Analyzed for You” and recommended that I watch a video on the program through Electricity is a large cost to our facility and I was interested in any opportunity to review decreasing this cost. My Account Manager informed me on the program and the benefits to my facility and connected me with Brian McCann. Curious about the potential return, I got in touch with Brian. He and and Chris Brown were quick to respond, were very understanding of our struggles with our cost issues.

After a short while, Brian helped Bonnechere Manor receive a substantial refund and also found existing errors in our bills, meaning that our Hydro bills would be significantly lower going forward. Brian and his team at ‘Your electric Bill Analyzed for You’ were professional and patient with us. A return is a return; no matter how high or low your refund is. Now we can reinvest the money and use it towards other opportunities in our facility.”


Debra Harris, Business Manager; Villa Italia Retirement Residence

“I had a meeting with my CPS Account Manager and was told about a new program with an electricity audit company called ‘Your Electric Bill Analyzed For You’ (YEBAFY). The program benefits sounded great.

There was absolutely no risk involved so we decided to move forward with their proposal to potentially save us money. I was introduced to the ‘YEBAFY’ team and they were amazing. They were so appreciative of my time and encouraged me to send her our electricity bills right away.

I’m afraid this wasn’t high on my priority list due to other more pressing issues however eventually I did submit our bills. Within a very short timeframe I was told that errors were found in our past bills and that our facility would be receiving a return. I still can’t believe it! Within one month, we received a return of $54,000. If I had known about the potential, I would have sent in my bills sooner.

‘Your Electric Bill Analyzed for You’ far exceeded my expectations. Everyone was so friendly, professional and an absolute pleasure to work with.”