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At YEBAFY we exist to help our customers save money on their utility bills. Starting in Ontario, Canada we have recovered millions for our customers on their electricity bills since 2013. Since then we have branched out to Nova Scotia, British Columbia and Saskatchewan where we help customers with their electricity, gas, propane and wood heating product bills. Now we are also helping customers in a number of States in the USA including Texas, Florida and California. We are the trusted advisors who get our clients refunds from utilities when they have paid too much, and help them save money in the future.


Because we care about your success

Brian McCann

President & CEO.
Brian saw the opportunity to earn a living helping customers correct their electricity bills. After more than 15 years working in both mass market and large power billing for utilities he took the plunge and started YEBAFY and has never looked back. Now he is excited about growing this business into new markets and helping thousands of other customers.

Rick McCann

info to follow soon.

Mary McCann

VP, HR & Finance
Mary brings her HR and finance experience with the big Canadian banks with her every day as she oversees the HR and financial part of the business for YEBAFY. With her keen eye for detail she makes sure that everything and everyone is running smoothly and no stone is left unturned.

Neil Talling

more information to follow soon.

Monique Slack

Operations Manager
Monique ran her family business for many years and now brings her accounting and administration skills to bear on obtaining refunds for YEBAFY customers.

Ysmael Narcelles

Recovery Specialist
Ysmael joined Brian at YEBAFY right from the beginning. After pursuing careers in the automotive and life sciences domains he has embraced the customer service and analytical aspects of this new business. After obtaining refunds for our customs in the Ontario market for two years, Ysmael is focused on growing the markets in Texas an other southern states.