September 14, 2015



At YEBAFY we exist to help our customers save money on their utility bills. We want to know as much as we can about you, your industry, and how your business functions. This enables us to determine how you could be saving more money on your energy bills. Please see our Market page for specific details on the utility type and how we can assist you in each province or state.


magnifyGlass_sm Free Audit

Once we have gathered the information we need, we review your accounts and determine where you could be saving more money. If there is no savings, there is no fee for our audit!



saveMoney_smWe Save You Money

After our review of your accounts we work on your behalf to obtain refunds and future savings on your energy bills. We work on your behalf with utilities, energy marketers and governmental departments to get back the money you deserve.



arrowUp_smPrice Optimization (Ontario Electricity only)

We continue to work with you and plan future savings with our Price Optimization product. This program is for customers who are interested in saving more money by finding the best possible price for their electricity. Please call us directly, 416-458-4558 to discuss how to get started.